Announcement: Harrod Horticultural

Harrod Horticultural offers in its online store tools and equipment for your garden of high quality and with great customer service. The equipment, tools and supplies they offer are some of the best on the market, and the prices on offer are excellent.

Harrod Horticultural has 60 years  (since 1954!) of experience in manufacturing garden equipment and supplies always designed in the UK, and offering them at spectacular prices. Internet reviews from satisfied users are excellent, in fact they are one of the UK’s most award-winning and highly regarded online garden supplies, equipment and tools stores.

In addition, they ship internationally, outside the UK, and the pre-sale service is excellent, which is essential in this type of store. It is important to feel that you are in the hands of authentic professionals, who take care and pamper their work and care about offering you the best service and the best possible items.

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