Announcement: Bradshaws Direct

Bradshaws Direct is one of the UK’s leading providers of pond equipment. On their website they offer top quality material such as pond liners, pumps, vacuums, filters, plants … and much more!
If you have a pond in your garden and want to offer the best care, with all the necessary items to always keep it in the best possible condition, Bradshaws Direct is the best possible store. They offer a wide variety of items related to the pond, at unbeatable prices and with optimal customer service.
You will also find different treatments for the water in your pond, as well as food for your fish. They have the best and most prominent brands on the market, and they have a clearance section that we recommend you do not miss if you want to find authentic bargains! The lighting section is also interesting, where you will find lighting items for your pond and garden, as well as a section with products to keep your garden always ready.


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