Announcement: Katz Gluten Free

Do you know Katz Gluten Free? The best online store of gluten-free products for celiacs or gluten intolerant on the market, with excellent products for people with these types of intolerance, great service and better prices.

On its website you will find a wide variety of delicious and varied products, all prepared for celiacs and gluten intolerant. You can buy any product safely, and without ruining your intolerance. Katz Gluten Free see also ensure that it does not contain dairy or nuts. They guarantee the health and well-being of their clients with excellent control over the manufacture of their products, so that you can choose with complete peace of mind.

Gluten free cakes, challah, cookies, muffins, strips, rugelech, breads, buns, breads or pizza dough … lots of alternatives! Buying delicious products has never been so easy for those with a food intolerance, great quality, better taste, and good prices. And above all variety, something difficult to achieve when we talk about this type of product.

Without a doubt, a brand to trust!

No more healthy products but without the same flavor as the “original” ones. The perfect blend of health and flavor!

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