Kellyco Metal Detectors

Kellyco Metal Detectors offers in its oline store the best metal detectors and accessories to customers around the world, with a wide and complete selection of metal detectors of all kinds and the best brands on the market. It offers top quality products from the metal detector market, with brands such as Minelab, Garret, Bounty Hunter or Fisher.

Whether you need it as a hobby or for work, at Kellyco Metal Detectors there is everything you need related to metal detectors. In addition, they offer parts and accessories that you can select by brands to find the ones you need for your detector. Whether you are looking for coins, rings, relics …

Its incredibly extensive line of products ranges from the most important brands in:

· Metal detection
· Gold prospecting
· Industrial and security metal detectors.

In addition, their customer service will help you with everything you need with your purchase, and they will solve your doubts so that you know what and how to buy.

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