Announcement: Straight My Teeth

Straight my teeth offers on its website the clearest teeth aligners in the world with incredible results and, best of all, at an affordable price. Get a perfect smile and improve your smile without unnecessary suffering or spending money you don’t have. And of course, tested and medically proven.

How does it work?

They must first perform a small but much-needed evaluation of your teeth. It is necessary to know their status in order to adapt and continue with the process. The good news is that it only takes 30 seconds!

Then comes the magic: create your own dental impressions at home with the Dream Smile Box ™. Get your kit and make up to 4 impressions (2 impressions of each arch). These prints should be sent back to the experts, although it comes with the postage and everything ready to make it as easy as possible.
With this you can now order your aligner, which you should use for 6 to 14 months to get the smile of your dreams. All without using one of those ugly and flashy dental aligners.
The truth is that it cannot be more comfortable and easier, you no longer have an excuse to show off a perfect smile. Visit their website and take a look at the different prices and specifications of each model and … just follow the instructions!
In addition, they give you a free set of retainers for when you finish the treatment, which will help you maintain perfect teeth in the future and not ruin the improvements achieved.

Visit Straight My Teeth

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