Announcement: Manrags

Since 2016, Manrags have become the pioneers in the men’s essentials subscription space, and are in fact the only brand on the market that ships socks and underwear to men around the world.

To do this, they use a model not so common in online stores: the subscription. A different and original way to improve your connection and deal with the customer, and a way to be able to offer your buyers the best quality in your products at the best possible prices.

But as a company, Manrags has set another mission: to take care of our planet. Sustainability and caring for the environment. How? Reducing the amount of textiles that will end up in garbage and landfills, thus contributing their bit to make this world more sustainable and better for all of us who inhabit it.

To do this, they offer their buyers the opportunity to return their unwanted textiles, including clothing and shoes. They reuse and recycle it, and in this way help to make the textile industry ircular and not generate more waste than necessary.

But what do they offer in your store?

Socks and underwear, with incredible designs and high quality materials. For men, children, women … Also gift packs and even gift packs. With a lot of styles such as animal print and others of the most original.

Undoubtedly one of the websites that we liked the most and that, in addition to offering excellent products, offers something else: the opportunity to make the world better and more sustainable, and to contribute to caring for our environment.


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