Announcement: Masqd

Masqd is the best mask store that you will find anywhere on the internet. Why? Very easy:

– They have the best designs on the market. They offer stylish, original and unique designs in their masks, both for children and for adults. All kinds of patterns and textures: stars, butterflies, animal print, flowers … elegant and striking colors. The amount of different designs and colors that you will find will surprise you, and your only problem will be choosing just one!

– The materials they use are of high quality, and suitable to protect you from viruses and other external aggressions. In these types of articles, the quality of the fabrics and materials is probably the most important part. It is useless to wear a beautiful or striking design if you are not properly protected. In many other stores neglect this section and it is, in our opinion, a major mistake.

– comfort: we will probably have to spend a lot of hours with this type of article covering our faces, so we better get comfortable! Masqd offers masks that adapt perfectly to your face and provide a high degree of comfort.

The materials are specified in each of the items on their website, as well as the way in which you can wash them so that their conservation is optimal.

And if that were not enough:

With every purchase of masks you make on, you will support the jobs of garment workers and help them keep their jobs! And the prices? Well, surprisingly good, to be talking about quality articles, with careful designs and manufactured with all the love in the world.

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