Announcement: The Rug Seller

The Rug Seller operates dealing directly with the main importers and manufacturers of carpets in the world, bypassing the intermediaries that make the products more expensive, thus being able to offer its customers incredible prices on all its products.

Carpets from the best exporting countries such as Belgium, India, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan or China, direct to the United Kingdom, from its distribution warehouse in Manchester, through its website, without prices or absurd intermediaries. Plus, they offer free UK shipping!

They offer a huge range of rugs of different types, styles and materials. Classic and daring designs, all kinds of colors and sizes, for whatever room you need.

It brings style, warmth and comfort, a new look to your home, be it your living room or bedroom, with a top quality carpet and spectacular design. The list of carpet categories is huge! Modern, traditional, round, faux, whool, moroccan, cowhide … too many to name them all. What we can assure you is that you will find what you are looking for, because with such a wide catalog it is literally impossible not to find one of your liking. You can also see a classification by brands, in case you are looking for a specific brand of carpet.

Finally, we do not want to miss the fact that they also offer accessories for your home such as bedding, curtains or cushions, as well as artificial grass and products for the care of your carpets.

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