Announcement: Licoricedotcom

Do you like licorice? Well watch out for this store! is the ultimate store for liquorice lovers. For you to give as a gift … Licorice lover … you’re in luck!

What does offer?

Basically any licorice lover’s dream – a premium collection of over 50 gourmet flavors from around the world: Australian Red, Australian Black, Rainbow, Finnish, Strawberry Dutch … so many varieties of licorice that it is materially impossible to list them all here . Not only flavors, they also offer liquorice in different forms: spirals, pillows, pretzels, coins, dogs … everything you can imagine!

Of course it is a high quality product, with an authentic and very intense flavor. Ideal for liquorice lovers or for a gift.


  • wide variety of products, both in taste and form. Over 50+ varieties!
  • spectacular liquorice flavor, intense and authentic
  • They have cared to gather flavors from all over the world, they are not limited to the USA
  • Believe it or not, licorice has many health benefits. Especially if it is of quality!

In summary, if what you are looking for is real licorice, of quality and of all possible varieties, this is the right website. They create multiple varieties of product for you to choose from, and send them to your home so you can enjoy the taste of the best licorice.

You can also get one of their gift boxes, which offer in a single order several of the types, gathered, that if, thematically: Finnish Delight, Holiday, Australian and Red Licorice Lover.

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