Announcement: Green Kid Crafts

Founded by mother and environmental scientist Penny Bauder in 2010, Green Kid Crafts has sold more than 1.5 million boxes, with one fundamental mission: through creative activities. educate current children in the necessary values ​​so that in the future they can command a new way of living and doing things that helps our environment and our planet to become a sustainable place. Educate children in creativity and love of our environment.

Aimed at children from 2 to 10 years old or more, it focuses on promoting creativity, curiosity and the desire to understand and understand our environment, and learn to take care of it and respect it. Create a new generation of humans who can live with the environment and help safeguard the essence of our planet and its health. Through crafts and other creative activities, encourage the child’s brain to be aware of what surrounds us, understand the world and the beings that inhabit it and learn to respect it.

As explained on their website, Green Kid Crafts promote values such as:

Global reforestation: Green Kid Crafts plants a tree for every order placed!

Environmental Activism: They donate up to 1% of sales to non-profit environmental organizations.

Clean air: they offset 100% of the carbon dioxide emissions produced by our business.

Sustainable materials: they always use this type of environmentally friendly materials to make their products

You can buy the set you prefer, or subscribe to receive them monthly, and turn your children’s education into a magical process! In addition, you can choose the ideal set for your children by age ranges, so that it is appropriate to the age and capabilities of each child.

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