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Slabway offers in its online store the best articles and devices for the relief of back pain, feet … based on body massages. If you feel good when you receive an occasional massage that relaxes your muscles, relaxes you and relieves your pain, imagine having at home the possibility of receiving these massages whenever you want, as many times as you want.

Its chairs massage your body from neck to feet, eliminating any trace of stress and pain, caused by poor posture at work and the stress of daily life. Its chairs massage the back, shoulders, waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, feet, arms and hands, that is, the entire body. A relaxing and pleasant experience that improves your day to day and your health.

With a simple control panel you can intuitively control the different possibilities it offers.

They also offer on their website foot massagers with a traditional shiatsu and reflexology therapy, and 4 programmed massages, you can massage your feet and calves completely. Forget the annoying foot pain that we all suffer from after all day standing or walking! In addition, it can adapt to any size of leg / foot, so you can adjust it to your size without problems and enjoy healthy, light, relaxed and pain-free legs and feet.

In addition, they offer as complements a series of accessories related to pain relief, such as the Lumbar Support Cushion Set, to improve your sitting posture and relieve pain caused by poor posture, or the Cold Therapy Machine that offers relief soothing for postoperative swelling and inflammation, joint pain … based on a cold therapy. All the devices that they offer, the truth, have seemed to us of great quality, something fundamental when acquiring a device that, first, has good functioning, and second, is durable over time. Slabway have specialized in relieving your muscle aches, caused by stress and bad posture (I know what I’m talking about on this topic!) Through massage chairs, feet, and other accessories. The pain is over!

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