5 tips to improve your online store and sell more

1. Enable all possible payment methods

Each user has their preferences when paying online and it would be a shame if they do not buy from your store for not finding their favorite payment method. Try to offer all possible!

2. Choose the photos well

Hire a professional photographer to photograph your product catalog. Quality images are key when it comes to making a good impression on a customer and convincing him of the purchase.

3. Get security certifications for your website

Approvals and trusted seals increase user safety when buying. Place the logos of the certifications in visible places and try to link them to expanded information.

Try to inspire maximum confidence to your potential buyers!


4. Write own descriptions

The texts of the product sheets must be original and unique in your online store, do not use those of other similar websites. Duplicate content penalizes SEO!

Remember to use the necessary keywords during these texts.

5. Establish contact and support methods

Not only during and after purchase, but also before purchase. Sometimes, potential customers need to ask questions or simply verify that there is someone on the other side and that it is a trusted site.

Offer an email address, a phone, a form or even an online chat on the web for the user to clear up those previous doubts and buy your product.

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