7 tips to improve your sales

Use these 7 tips to improve your online store sales!

“Save 40%”

Online and offline merchants know well the powerful effect on the client’s psychology that causes loss aversion when making a purchase. This is perhaps one of the tactics most used by e-commerce companies since it is about placing the original price of the product, followed by the discount price and ending with the percentage of savings that the client obtain

“There is only 1 item in stock”

There is a reason why you will never see “we have more than enough products in stock” in a store. That never motivates a potential buyer to acquire a product. That is why including a smaller number than the sensation of an almost immediate shortage of a product can work as a trick to sell more.

For example, most Amazon shoppers already know that if they enter a product and have an inventory of less than 20 available, the page will show the number of units remaining. For Amazon, having less than 20 products is an amount that increases the buyer’s need to acquire it.

The “Best Value” option

Another loss prevention strategy is to show several similar options at different costs. You can see this as the best purchase option, the most purchased option or the most popular package.

Limited time

Entering a time limit in the purchase decision is a powerful tool to attract all those potential customers who are already close to making a purchase but need a boost. This is a very popular tactic used by virtual stores to increase sales during a limited time of product offer or availability.

“Free Shipping / Free Shipping on a purchase of $ 95 or more”

No explanation needed! Everyone likes free shipping.

We accept returns

By reading these phrases, the customer feels that they are facing a virtual store that really cares about their needs, increasing sales and credibility of the site and also improving customer perception, since these guarantees maximize the satisfaction of the purchaser.

Express payment

In this trick the important thing is that you achieve that the client saves a few minutes in finishing his purchase process. You can expedite the process by including an express purchase option, where you may be asked to register your payment and shipping data for the first time and then do it automatically every time you buy a product. Maybe the customer only saves a couple of minutes, but the reality is that it psychologically removes the time associated with the purchase process.

“Order today and we’ll deliver it to you over the weekend”

This trick to sell is quite ingenious. Imagine that your customer is already willing to make a purchase and finds a delivery date of 3 months from the order. This will make you give up buying in your virtual store and will go to your competition to see if you can get the product in a shorter period of time. If your virtual store offers deliveries in a short period of time, it will probably gain popularity, leaving the relevance of the price of the product in the second place to customers.

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