Paddywax is a Nashville, Tennessee-based candle company on a mission to slow down your busy world with the fragrance of their candles filling your home. Their goal is to give you candles that bring back memories and emotions linked to specific scents.

They create their candles keeping in mind that memory and emotion have a strong link with a person’s sense of smell. Versatile and functional to stand out from other companies in this franchise.

They use a wide range of different jars to pour their candles, making sure that the unique fragrances blend well with the jars they are poured into. The unique jar and fragrance combination makes this more than just a candle.

Paddywax Candles uses a blend of soy wax for the base of their candles and cotton wicks to ensure their consumers receive clean-burning, non-toxic candles. Because of this, you can be sure that your candles will not release toxic chemicals for you to inhale.

The wax they use to make Paddywax candles is a blend of soy wax, which gives them a clean burn. Soy wax is also believed to have purifying qualities that will even cleanse toxins from the air. Its pure cotton wicks also make the candle burn cleanly.

Soy wax mix contains some paraffin wax, which many people fear is toxic. Most of the wax mix is ​​made from soy wax, which can purify any toxins you worry your candle is emitting.




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