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Since 2014, young doctors and researchers from MIT, Kent Unv and other institutions began to work on the development of 3D technologies, applied to new technological needs that little by little are gaining visibility and utility in our world, such as facial recognition or artificial vision.

This is the origin of what, since 2019, has been known as Revopoint 3D Technologies, a company that offers its high-tech products all over the world, and that year after year strives to create the best products with the most advanced technology of the sector.

They research, design and manufacture products with countless applications in the world, and become one of the leading companies in the 3D sector thanks to this love for research, technology and breaking barriers to continue advancing and improving this type of technology that it is becoming more and more important in our day to day.

From the research center where they come up with technology that may seem futuristic to their manufacturing plant, the careful and painstaking process aims to make our lives better thanks to 3D technology.

The future is already here

Much of the technology they manufacture may seem to us to come from the future, but the truth is that the use of this type of technology is already more than widespread, and it is a sector in constant growth thanks to companies like this. Its applications to our daily life are more and more numerous and today they are already a fundamental part of the existence of many companies and research centers.

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