SabersPro was created by two fans who wanted to contribute their grain of sand to this magical universe with so many followers around the world. Being themselves collectors of articles related to the saga, they decided to make their own lightsabers to be able to offer them to other fans with more affordable prices than what we can usually find online.

Do not forget that this type of collectible items are usually extremely expensive. They work with high-quality manufacturers at more affordable prices and offer high-quality designs at the best prices in the industry. They also offer fast and free shipping.

In their online store they offer high quality products, excellent customer service before and after the purchase.

They offer highly featured sabers with color change capabilities, numerous sound sources, saber effects, upgraded sound cards at great prices. They are durable as they are made from quality materials and the designs are excellent.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the buyers is the durability, which allows simulating battles without fear that a blow will end the saber. They have managed to combine quality and durability, design and low prices in the products, a winning combination. Also, they offer full refund available within 15 days, and 6 months warranty.

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