CheckAdvantage is an online-only retailer specializing in personal checks, business checks, deposit stubs, and check-related accessories. They offer a wide variety of original designs for personal checks, in both top tear and side tear formats, along with matching address labels and leather or fabric checkbook covers. Additionally, CheckAdvantage also prints and sells commercial checks, including laser and manual checks, for businesses large and small.

If this is your first time ordering checks from their website, welcome! If you are a returning customer, you may notice some changes. CheckAdvantage is committed to providing you with high quality checks and supplies, while maintaining the banking quality you are accustomed to. Your guarantee ensures that checks will be processed at all banks and will meet or exceed all American Banking Association security and fraud protection standards.

CheckAdvantage offers several competitive advantages that set it apart from the competition. Below, I present some of these advantages:

Strong brand: CheckAdvantage has built a strong brand over time. Their focus on customer relationships, service/product quality, and strong market presence gives them a sustainable advantage. Identifying CheckAdvantage as a trusted brand facilitates sales and expands your reach.

Network effect: CheckAdvantage benefits from the network effect. The more users use your products and services, the greater the value they offer. Once they reach a critical mass of users, it is difficult for other competitors to reach the same position.

Economies of scale: Scale allows CheckAdvantage to gain sustainable advantages. For example, in the retail industry, large chains can purchase merchandise at lower prices than their smaller competitors because of their scale.

Exclusive access to resources: CheckAdvantage has exclusive or near-exclusive access to valuable resources. For example, China provides almost 95% of the world’s rare earth metals.

Quality Assurance: CheckAdvantage guarantees that its checks will meet or exceed all American Banking Association security and fraud protection standards. This gives confidence to customers and allows them to trust the quality of the products they offer.

In short, CheckAdvantage stands out for its strong brand, network effect, economies of scale, access to exclusive resources and quality assurance.





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