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Spy Optic is a mid-size women’s sunglasses & eyewear company operating the e-commerce site spyoptic.com. Spy Optic sells its products and services in the women’s sunglasses & eyewear industry.

Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost Review

The Monolith 50/50 is described as, “With its big single lens and forward design, it has only one purpose—to unleash a tsunami of style and tech that will sweep the planet and bring a smile to all who dare to put it on.”


142 mm across the front top
149 mm across the front bottom
59 mm top to bottom in front
147 mm temple to earpiece tip


White Matte Frame with Happy Boost Bronze Polar Ice Blue Spectra Mirror lenses
Black Matte Frame with Happy Boost Bronze Polar Ice Blue Spectra Mirror lenses

Happy Boost

Features SPY+’s new HAPPY BOOST™ Lens Technology, which provides SUPER vivid color & contrast, in addition to the benefits of the HAPPY™ Lens.
99% polarized efficiency for superior clarity by reducing glare off water and flat, smooth, and shiny surfaces.
Maintains an optimum white balance, enhancing colors without sacrificing others.
Lenses include a hydro-oleophobic coating to repel both oil and water.

The Happy Boost feature is nothing short of amazing. I am not sure of the exact science behind what they did to the lenses but I actually see colors so much better with these shades. The green leaves are greener, the clouds are whiter. Even the dirt on the trail somehow looks sharper. The colors are so much more vivid that I started to question whether or not I have been color blind all of these years.

Before I started hiking I wasn’t much a sunglass person. Spending hours in the outdoors under the bright sun has made me a convert. Now I can’t leave the house without shades. Even now I tend buy cheaper glasses from convenient stores. I never realized my mistake before but I do now!

The Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost have changed the way I look at glasses. They are well made and the technology in the lenses make me feel like I am walking through life with an Instagram filter on. The glasses are comfortable on my face, never slide around or move and lets be honest, extremely stylish. It is nice to have a combination of a technologically advanced, well constructed that actually looks good!

I really have enjoyed my time hiking in these glasses. I think they have something to offer to both the function and style crowds. And they work great at the lake or in the mountains and everywhere in between.

Highly Recommended.

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