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Aged and Ore has set out to design a glass that would complement each drinking experience, that would turn a drink into an experience beyond, a magical and unrepeatable moment.

On their website they offer decanters with incredible and impressive designs, full of class and charm, absolutely beautiful and unique. A decanter preserves the taste of your favorite spirits, and good and expert drinkers know the usefulness of a good decanter and the importance it has when it comes to tasting a good drink.

Whether it’s the crystal glasses, the stainless steel travel decanter, or the latest and original microbar, the products that Aged and Ore offer are absolutely unique, and with excellent design and materials. With prices starting at just $44, the Aged & Ore Travel Decanter doesn’t break the bank, offering the kind of rugged, rugged performance that’s a must-have for everyday use, but not at the expense of aesthetics.

For expert drinkers who enjoy good quality drinks and truly appreciate the value of a good drink.

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