ChappyWrap is a mid-size blankets & throws company, and the company is owned and operated by Mother + Daughter duo, Beth and Christina. ChappyWrap came about in 2006 when the family felt a lack in the market for sizable, durable and comfortable blankets. ChappyWrap is named for Chappaquiddick, aka “Chappy” to locals – it’s a little island off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

The ChappyWrap productos are made from a natural cotton blend: it’s 58% cotton, 35% acrylic, and 7% polyester. They are fully machine washable and dryable.

A couple great things about ChappyWrap:

  • They are oversized. Perfect for getting your whole body
  • They are really soft.
  • Comfortable
  • They are thick & warm without being bulky.
  • They wash really well.

The quality is amazing, it’s soft and cozy and luxurious but still practical, and there’s really nothing better than curling up with it at the end of a long day.





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