Since 2001, Curtarra has offered direct-to-consumer personalized curtains in its online store. They want to help homeowners design and decorate their home to create a unique, magical and original space to truly call HOME.

On its website you will find numerous models and types of curtains with all the materials, textures and designs you can imagine. In addition, Curtarra uses its own curtain factories and has direct contact with suppliers of materials, fabrics, crafts and design. This allows them to offer prices that are not so high and, above all, that delivery periods are not extended to infinity. Working directly with the manufacturers,  they’re able to offer premium products.

We consider it very important that a company of this type of product has direct access to resources because we do not want to be waiting forever for our order or not being able to acquire a specific model due to some problem related to logistics. Luckily, Curtarra doesn’t seem to have this problem!

We love its Measurement Finder, a section of its website where step by step you can find exactly the measurement you need in a simple and intuitive way. It is a great idea to offer your customers this type of help, so that they can choose the correct measures and feel more secure and calm when choosing and making their purchases.

Great after sales service

In addition, its efficient after-sales team will answer your questions and help you resolve any questions or problems that may arise with your purchase process or the product itself. This is something fundamental in this type of store because it is not easy to know how to choose the type of material or measurements. You can also ask for free swatches that will arrive at your home in 5 days and can help you choose between designs or textures, since sometimes through a photo on the website not all the nuances and details are perceived and it is preferable to see it in person.

Perfect combination

Curtarra have found the perfect combination between great prices and excellent service, offering a multitude of different designs, sizes and materials at very affordable prices, with great customer service.

It is not easy for a store to successfully combine all these factors, and this is precisely what places Curtarra above the competition. To all this we must add that they offer free shipping. They ship your custom curtains direct within 5 business days within the US.





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