Since November 2017, Govee has been making your life easier and brighter with its easy-to-use, great-priced and extremely versatile LED strips. In their online store, they offer state-of-the-art LED lights and smart home devices that transform traditional ways of life. They produce excellent LED fixtures for your facility, home, living room, bedroom… you name it!

For example, its Govee Neon LED light strip, thanks to the light-diffusing silicone that covers the LEDs, offers a spectacular effect. But there are some pretty solid options out there if you’re looking to get a similar look but stay in a particular smart home ecosystem.

The light is fixed to the wall (or any other surface) with small plastic clips that can be fixed with screws or the included double-sided tape. You can make any design you want with the strip (with limits) and create drawings or shapes that best look in the space you want to illuminate.

The light color control is divided into sections about a foot long, and the Govee app is used to control the lighting of the sections. The connection can be Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

You can set the lights in each section however you like, or you can opt for one of Govee’s many presets.

Govee work to make their lights more colourful, smarter and more customizable and make a wide range of other smart home products. As they say, «while other smart lights are stuck in the present, we are moving into the future.»





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