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Grace Rose Farm grows sustainable roses on its California farm, traditional garden rose varieties similar to what anyone can grow in their garden. In their online store you can buy wholesale and retail roses, as well as seasonal hand-tied bouquets.

They are specialized in forms of garden roses that are old fashioned, whimsical and romantic in shape and the colors are unique with beautiful shades and vintage tones. Most of the garden roses they grow are very fragrant, however, the fragrance is lost at the cost of losing life in the vase.

Their California Estate Grown Garden Roses are available April through November, and their Deluxe Cut Garden Roses are available year-round. Grace Rose Farm partners with boutique rose farms around the world to source garden roses from renowned breeders like David Austin Roses, Wabara Japanese Roses…

All garden roses are shipped directly from the farms (no middle man) so your roses arrive fresh.

Their garden roses are best suited for weddings and events where garden roses don’t need to live for many days.

Whether for an event or for a very special gift, Grace Rose Farm is the perfect store to gift some beautiful roses or to use them as decoration!

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