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Year after year, K-Swiss has earned a reputation for making comfortable tennis shoes. No matter which tennis shoe you choose from K-Swiss, it will be comfortable and its classic design never goes out of style. A safe value.

If you are a player and comfort is at the top of your list when it comes to tennis shoes, then K-Swiss is the company to go to. Thousands of satisfied users over many years of history are proof that they are really comfortable and are the perfect choice for tennis.

Founded in 1966, K-Swiss was created by a pair of Swiss brothers who came to California to fulfill all their dreams. Athletes by nature, lovers of tennis and skiing, took advantage of their knowledge of these sports modalities to manufacture a perfect shoe design that is still valid today.

Our favourites

K-Swiss Ultrashot

K-Swiss does not disappoint when it comes to putting on shoes to play paddle tennis. Above the rest, highlight the comfort when playing with them, a basic aspect that I look for in a pair of shoes, either to play paddle tennis or to go running. Unlike other shoes, the K-Swiss does not need time to adapt, and these are made to our feet almost immediately. I, with the K-Swiss Ultrashot, have not had to go through that adaptation, and as soon as I tried them on, they fit me like a glove.

  • Durability and comfort above the rest. Basic in padel shoes.
  • For the first time in a shoe I put breathability in points in favor.

K-Swiss Shoes




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