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Leekes, founded in 1897, is a retailer of household products.

Initially established by James Henry Leeke, Leeke began building his business by opening home improvement stores in the mid-1960s and since then seven department stores have opened since 1977 across South Wales, England and the Midlands. In addition to these department stores, the family business also operates several small double-glazed outlets.

In addition to serving countless clients, Leekes aims to do whatever she can to give back to her entourage or avoid the negative influence that corporations can have. They do this by recycling, reducing the amount of waste they put in landfills, reducing the use of plastic bags, and using more efficient and environmentally friendly forms of energy.

The Leekes website is divided into several categories to make your shopping experience easier. These categories are Furniture, Bedroom, Electrical, Kitchen & Dining, Bathroom, Home & Lighting, Home Improvement, Fitness & Gifts, and Garden.

You can also visit their blog to keep up to date with their latest updates, and get ideas and inspiration from this fantastic company.

Leekes was founded on the twin principles of selling quality goods and delivering excellent customer service. And in the intervening century since we first set up shop our values haven’t changed.





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