Mixhers are designed and developed for women, by women. The only ones who really know each other and know their own needs thoroughly. They offer powdered supplements in their online store. They were originally developed when the company’s founders were looking for a natural way to deal with period-related problems.

Thanks to extensive research, they have developed a supplement based on natural products to regulate hormones, reduce inflammation and make PMS less painful. Quite an achievement and an invaluable contribution to the female world that has suffered this type of problem for years.

Mixers start in packs of 30 for $54 to $67 each, while Herteen kits come with 90 sticks and retail for $168. You can also do a monthly subscription to get 20% off your order.

The Mixers


To improve your libido. Made from ingredients like fenugreek, maca, beet root, pomegranate, and inositol to help relieve stress, support sex drive hormones, and increase sensitivity.


A multivitamin made to help women fill nutritional gaps in their diet. Specifically designed for women.

Hertime Daily

Nutritional supplement that helps balance hormones on a daily basis. It will help control bloating, cramps, mood swings, irregular flow, and lack of energy, taken regularly over a period of time.


The easy and effective way to get your daily greens, and nourish your body with the crucial vitamins and minerals you eat from vegetables, while supporting normal kidney, heart, and liver function.


Provides your body with the electrolytes and potassium necessary for its best functioning, without sugars or artificial additives to multiply the effects of tap water.


Extremely comfortable and easy to use, they taste great and just work. really a great contribution for women and a product that may not be cheap but its usefulness and quality are beyond doubt.





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