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Mountainside Medical Equipment is born with the goal of providing durable products at a reasonable cost, exceptional product knowledge and excellent customer service. Mountainside Medical Equipment is a supply chain wholesaler of medical equipment and supplies for nursing homes, health care facilities, physicians, and government organizations. They collaborate with numerous suppliers to offer their clients an excellent service and a catalog of quality products.

Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc began with Marty Sr’s passion for helping others and treating patients while serving in the Vietnam War. As a medic in the military, he discovered the need to provide high-quality, durable supplies. After the war ended, he expanded his knowledge of the industry and decided to use his experience and knowledge to create his own medical supplies and equipment business, Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Nursing homes were his original focus, and the company began to grow as the business expanded and they proved competitive in the supply industry. However, they never lost sight of their goal of providing durable products at a reasonable cost, exceptional product knowledge, and excellent customer service. The team at Mountainside Medical Equipment is made up of dedicated people who listen to your needs and give you the care you deserve. Loyal customers are what make them successful, and today they continue to offer this excellent service regardless of their growth.

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