With over 15 years of experience, from Phoenix, Arizona, Spellbinders has been dedicated to making the highest quality tools with eye-catching designs to help fuel their customers’ creativity.

Since 2003, they offer different tools for artisans from all over the world to work and make their designs and creations. In their online store they offer die cutting machines and intricate die designs that cut, emboss and stencil. They constantly search for new designs and innovate to create the perfect tool to allow creators to work as accurately and easily as possible, when creating their decoration, cards, cutouts …

Their mission is to create and design die-cutting machines and intricate die designs that cut, emboss and stencil, and allow all the creations and dreams that creators and artists have in their imaginations to be manufactured and brought to life.


They have numerous products, so the best thing if you are looking for a specific one is that you do the search for categories and so you can find all the products that there are for what you need or are looking for. In each category you will find a multitude of products for that specific function, with different sizes and designs, and many of them with price reductions.

In addition, they have a fantastic blog where you are looking for inspiration and ideas to develop your projects or start new ones!








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