The WalkingPad is perfect for people who want to exercise at home, without having to buy an expensive or bulky treadmill. You can also use the WalkingPad treadmill under a desk to work standing up, so you can move forward while you work.

Solves a classic treadmill problem: size and storage. Typically, most treadmills are messy to move or store, often requiring a ton of dedicated space for them, and sitting unsightly in your main living space.

While many walking-focused treadmills are smaller and more portable than their running-focused counterparts, nothing we’ve seen really solves the problem like the WalkingPad.

Regarding noise, the treadmill is very quiet while you are operating it. However, if you live in an apartment, your neighbors downstairs can hear the vibrations when you run. We recommend using a pad underneath to reduce noise for neighbors. We use a thick yoga mat and will put a link in the description below.

In conclusion, WalkingPad offers a variety of benefits and solves problems for those of us looking to stay more active in our homes or offices.

Many of us want a treadmill in our home, but can’t justify the price, can’t find a permanent space for it, and don’t have a storage solution. If you’re looking to be more active in your home and have any of the typical concerns of owning a treadmill, consider the WalkingPad.





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