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Zeeelle was created as an alternative. Regular use of heat on natural hair and the use of hair extensions cause extensive hair damage over time, and Zelle was born with solving these problems as a mission.

Wigs purchased online off the shelf were outdated styles, too «thin» or not well made Unlike other wigs on the market, Zeeelle wigs are handcrafted using a technique that makes the hairline of the wig appear grow naturally from the scalp.

Each unit is specially made with a scalp replica that matches the color of your scalp. This scalp replica gives Zeeelle units the versatility that allows you to part anywhere.

Zeeelle offers numerous quality wigs in its online store, with a catalog full of variety and designs so you can find the one that best suits your personality. In addition, on his website you will find useful tutorials with explanatory videos that will help you use the wigs correctly, as well as endless images on his instagram that can serve as inspiration!





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