Carpuride is a system that can be placed in any vehicle and that works independently of the audio system you have installed, although you can use it if you wish. The manufacturer has different packs that include somewhat different functionalities. The operation of all the systems is the same, with the differences of the inclusion or not of the rear parking camera, which would need installation (unless you are a handyman) and the fact that you have to connect your telephone with cable or not to the USB of the device to be able to use CarPlay (or Android Auto).

  • CarPuride device with 7″ touch screen
  • USB-A connection to connect the phone, with charging and data transmission. Also serves to connect USB memory drives with multimedia content
  • microSD slot for multimedia content
  • Audio output to connect to the vehicle’s sound system
  • Rear camera video input (optional)
  • Wireless and wired CarPlay and Android Auto systems
  • Bluetooth for music streaming and hands-free
  • integrated microphone
  • AirPlay
  • FM transmitter to emit the sound through the vehicle’s sound system
  • Integrated loudspeaker
  • Rear parking camera system
  • Fixed bracket for dashboard
  • Suction cup mount for dashboard or front glass
  • All cables and adapters necessary for installation

I would say that the CARPURIDE has definitely won me over.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the size when I opened it, but now that I’ve found where in the car it sits, I’m really happy with it.




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