Nerdy Nuts

Who are Nerdy Nuts?

Nerdy Nuts are dedicated to making the best peanut butter you’ve ever tasted, just like that. Based on the best raw materials and ingredients, they have managed to create different varieties of peanut butter that will make your taste buds dance.

Everything from the packaging to the peanut butter itself is made with love and care by the good folks at Nerdy Nuts. The product combines the classic flavor of peanut butter with different ingredients and flavors, and the consistency is thick and creamy without the liquid sometimes found in small-batch nut butters that can detract from the end result.

Nerdy Nuts has a pretty solid collection of flavors to choose from, and you’re sure to find your favourite, but we recommend trying as many as possible!

Our favorites

Circus Cookie: Not that easy to spread, but your patience is greatly rewarded! It’s packed with colorful sprinkles and pieces of frozen animal crackers. it’s so tasty. While the kids loved Monster Cookie, Circus Cookie is my personal favorite.

Cookies & Scream: It doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy it! I’ve found that this peanut butter works great for a snack on white bread cut into fun shapes (yes, I’m that kind of mom). Cookies & Scream has Oreo cookie pieces in sweet white chocolate peanut butter.

Cookie Monster – This peanut butter is so easy to spread, for that alone, I rank it #1 (because you know how fast we have to move when making lunch). The Monster Cookie Peanut Butter has chocolate chips, M&M’s and caramel.

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