RIND Snacks – Keep it Real, Eat the Peel!

RIND contains all the vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants of the rind of a dried fruit snack, while retaining a great, delicious taste. And this is the key: they have achieved an appetizer that is really delicious and really healthy.

Why do we recommend RIND?

  •  is a healthy and natural source of fiber. Fundamental to have a healthy and functional digestive process.
  • excellent taste, without excess sugar or other unhealthy added products. No sulfites, no preservatives, no additives
  • different flavours: if you don’t like one, you can try another
  • fully vegan products
  • also gluten-free option

Juice packs the nutrients, peeled fruit saves time, energy, and money, and RIND, all-natural fruit snacks, bridges the gap between the two. Living at the intersection of function, sustainability, and innovation, RIND contains all the vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants in the rind of a dried fruit snack that will have you finishing the entire bag before you can say «juice.»

The only ingredient is the actual fruit, and while that means there’s still a fair amount of sugar, but it’s natural sugar and not added.

Each 1.5 oz serving contains 120 to 140 calories. Depending on which pack you get, each serving contains 18% to 25% of your daily value for fiber, and each serving of the Tropical Pack provides an impressive 35% of your daily vitamin C.

In short: great taste, beautiful packaging, healthy for your body and vegan. A great mix that we recommend you try and value for yourself.

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