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The Healthy Mummy offers mom-specific wellness supplements. 28-Day Challenge and tasty, protein-packed shakes, the brand offers a spectrum of snacks, fitness programs, meal plans, motivational tips, resources, and even activewear for busy moms. The programs have been designed by dietitians and fitness professionals with the goal of providing accessible and affordable solutions for moms. The benefits of exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet are widely known. However, it can be a challenge for busy moms who often skip meals, eat the kids’ leftovers, and consume fewer proteins than recommended.

There are plenty of video workouts available on the Healthy Mummy app. My initial program was a 28 Days Stronger Beginner, which was perfect to get started with. There are heaps of different programs that you can choose from, including babywearing, pilates, HIIT, pregnancy and more advanced workout options. You can also log any other activity that you do throughout the day that will count towards your activity for the day.

The Healthy mummy is more than a program, it really is a lifestyle. It does take some determination to fit it all in to any already busy life. Make sure that you can take the time to commit to making it work. I really enjoyed having access to the entire program on my phone. Exercise and recipes were at my fingertips and I was always ready to go.Customer service is attentive, the products really seem to work, and moms report much success with the 28-Day Challenge.

With a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, trying its products is risk-free. No matter what, it’s always recommended that you speak to your doctor before adding any kind of supplement to your diet.

  • Effective weight loss results
  • Plenty of value
  • Good support network

For $19.95 a month, honestly, if you followed this app included diet, exercise, and mindset. It’s real value for money, and you can definitely get a lot out of it. It’s jammed packed with a lot of information and support.

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